Frequently asked questions about our lethal Gold Coast pest control and weed management services

We are a traditional old school business where the customers satisfaction & needs come first. We will not sacrifice our brand, value & quality for a cheaper service. Our products are safe & top quality.

Lethal staff have extensive experience in Pest & weed management, Horticulture, C.A.L.M Gardening services. Full licences, tickets & accreditation in all areas including police clearance.

We specialise in the pest management industry for homes, office, schools, & commercial buildings . However our weed management expertise is not only roadside spraying but involves natural & protected areas a specialist field that involves an IPM.

We ask our customers to clean up inside floor area & debris around the foundations of the home which gives us a clear access. Mop the day before we come as we recommend you do not mop for a couple of days after treatment.

We have a vested interest in nature pests & the environment.

My customers I have made some long term friendships & met some really good people. Customer satisfaction.

Our business is based on integrity & nearly all our work is word of mouth.

Lethal Pest control prefer a cash payment upon completion of your treatment. However we accept all forms of payment, including direct debit, pay pal etc.

Our service prices represent QUALITY Pest treatments. Lethal do not claim to be the cheapest, as our company will not sacrifice quality & value for money. However we are no where near the dearest. We are certainly the BEST VALUE for your money & offer a more thorough & particular service than our competitors.

Please tell us the size of your home/unit office or dwelling. How many bedrooms, bathrooms etc Most importantly is it 6 monthly, annual treatment or are you having pest issues.

At Lethal pest control we warranty our pest treatments, following the product labels & government guidelines. We will always ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

I get asked Why we would do a job involving creepy crawlies, insects, rodents, bugs etc & don’t we fear them too? Simple answer is yes. I also have a fear of snakes, just as the next person has a fear of spiders or cockroaches. The reason I like pest management is because your continuously learning something new. You soon realize nature is not only very involved but also very powerful.

All our customer stories are favourites because its our customers that tell the biggest story. They are the foundations of this business. Without your support we would not be able to operate, & your positive spread of word to others has grown this business into what it is today. Thank you & we are truly grateful for each and every one of you.

If you would like to know more, please fill out our contact form or call us on

0481 333 321.

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