Heard of Flying Termites (also known as Winged Termite)?

Generally speaking, Flying Termites termite swarmer are the new Termites king and queen, who are about to abandon their own settlement, to establish new termite colonies. Seeing termite swarmer’s is a sign of danger for the home owners, because it’s just about time before they infest the woods and destroy them.


Flying Termites Or Winged Termites

Swarmer’s typically have different seasons. However, during the warm months, especially after rainy season, will be their most common period. Termites are social creatures that have different social classes. The working termites are the lowest in the social caste and the highest is the queen. The queen termite in a termite colony originated in the social caste of reproductive termites, where wings are grown during the swarming season to leave its colony and establish a new colony.

Flying Termites
FLying Termite, Winged White ant

These termites just leave the colony and can’t harm your house but they have their children, the working-termites that are going to eat and wreck the wood in your house. They look different from the termites that a professional would find when checking your home

You’ll see the swarmer termites fly a little wobbly, because they have the same length on both their two pairs of wings. Insects like flying butterflies, dragonflies and moths also possess two sets of wings but the back of wings is longer than the front which makes them more aerodynamic.

Flying Ants vs Flying Termites

Flying ants are usually mistaken for Swarmer termites because of their similarities.

There are four basic ways in which these insects can be separated:

  1. Swarmer Termites have smooth, straight antennae but ant’s antennas are curved.
  2. Swarming termites have only two sections of the body
  3. Termites possesses a thick middle section or abdomen while ants’ middle section is thin.
  4. Termite Swarmer’s wings are the same length but it’s not the same for ant’s wings.

The Termite Swarming Season

Termites like to remain in moisture environment or else which they will dry up and die. In wet spring and fall months, mature termite colonies begin to produce and dispatch termite swarmer’s. It is very normal to see them in swarms during a rainstorm and fly about; as this gives them the best opportunity to survive and begin a new colony.

Flying Termites aka Winged Termites
Flying Termite, Flying White ant,

Interestingly, these flying swarms of termites appear to be Fond of light and fly around the outdoor lights. seeing a larger Swarm of Termites buzzing around together is quite a sight to see. (As long as it’s not your house)

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