Termite Inspections

When looking to purchase a new property in Australia, it’s important to get a combined building and pest inspection to check for any termite activity or damage.

Termites tend to avoid open air and bright lights, and as a result, their colonies are typically underground, out of sight or within wood materials so more often than not, termite damage is hidden away from sight. For this reason, it’s important to get a professional pest or termite inspector who knows common areas to check for termite damage or conditions conducive to termites.

Are annual termite inspections necessary?

Yes, an annual termite Inspections is necessary in order to ensure that termites do not damage a home, even though a termite treatment has already been carried out.

What is considered during a termite damage inspection?

Simply stated, a termite inspection is a visual inspection of all parts of the property available to determine whether timber bugs or species are present. The inspection should include all basements and any room in the entire house, inside and out. In the course of a thorough inspection, the gardens should all be Checked also, even nearby trees, Wooden fencing and buildings such as sheds etc. The attic area can be examined particularly if you live in an area with popular dry-wood termites in properties where the basement or crawling area is not Availble. It could take about 45 minutes or more for the entire process, but it will save you thousands of dollars.

Is termite control necessary? Why?

Termites can cause extensive damage to homes and that is why they need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Getting rid of termites is a job that requires skills, patience and a knowledge of how these pesky insects work, live and breed because they are well hidden and getting access to them is often difficult and frustrating. In addition, termite control equipment is specialized; using such machines as pumps, masonry drills, large-capacity tanks and soil treatment rods. Using such equipment requires a professional who knows exactly what to do

How should homeowners check for termites?

Doing this yourself will save many problems with renovations and white ant (termite) treatments. However, you have to read the basics on termite management strategies if you want to avoid infestation effectively. When Performing a do-it-yourself termite control, it should be done with some Caution. While some people may have Sucessfully perform the Operations, others maintain that it may be inconvenience to do things oneself and may have some other Disadvantages.

What is the average cost of termite treatment?

it depends on your Country actually, in Australia Termite treatment with a spray, dust or foam may cost between $330 and $660 depending on the extent of the damage. Termite baiting costs around $2500 to $3500 and must be repeated at a cost of around $800.

How long does a pest control inspection usually take?

This depends on the house’s size and state of the building. For every 1,000 square feet you will normally count 1.2 hours. It would take approximately 3 hours for a 2,500 square feet home, for example. It takes a further 30-50 minutes to generate the report in your house.

Why is termite treatment so expensive?

Termite treatment can be expecsive somtimes because of few reasons

Termite treatment is expensive because it is dangerous (The Chemicals that may be used can be harmful to the human health)

It requires training (as we mentioned above, it can be dangerous so Pest inspectors have to be specially trained to folllow some specific guildlines to ensure everyone’s safety.)

The chemicals and the instruments are expensive (Pest control chemicals are expensive. The pest control chemicals also require specialised equipment to help apply it.

Why do we need pest control?

We are all very proud of our houses, of course. This is one of the Expensive purchase of our life and so it is up to you completely to ensure that your dream home is well managed. You should make sure that no unwelcome visitors are present, apart from the regular sweeping and rubbing; Keeping Pest out is a Top Piriority. Termite Infestations can cause great damage to your furnitures and any wooden piece available. the effect can be really slow but eventually if it falls, it can bring up alot more expenses. So, you can obtain assistance from the specialist pest Control Service to efficiently exclude them from your premises.

Should I buy a house with termite damage?

When purchasing a house with Termite damage, you have to be ready to roll  up your sleeves, it will take extra time and effort. Of course, further home checks or negotiations with a vendor may be burdensome. In contrast with the fiasco, though, you might later face up to costs and trouble if termites continue to ruin your dream home.

How to get termites out of furniture?

There are few ways you can get termites out of the Furniture; the Easiest way is to Expose the affecteed Furniture to sunlight. In moist, dark environments, termites flourish. Continuously leave your Furniturs in the sun for 2-3 days. Termites can’t survive in heat. This technique also helps remove moisture from the furniture and thus prevents future infestation.

How long does pest control last?

You must exterminate them immediately if you encounter termites. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Fortunately, modern thermite treatment is rather effective. How much time depends on the type of treatment. Two traditional thermite treatments are generally employed today.

Liquid Treatment

Liquid thermal treatments can last up to five years on average. The use of several gallons of fluid pesticide solution, which can be dangerous in the field, forms part of this procedure. Termites are not guaranteed to return to your estate and the treatment would not kill the colony itself. Liquid treatment takes a decent duration to apply. For these reasons, many people prefer other methods.

Baiting Stations

Ask your pest control technician to use baiting stations instead for a less invasive thermite treatment process. This treatment consists of the installation of baiting stations in and around your house. Once termites find and take the baits, they bring them back to their colony. This procedure removes the problem with terminitis from the root and uses only a limited quantity of pesticide.

How to treat a termite bite?

Termites dont go about trying to hurt humans but if by a chance a termite bites you, it would likely not feel a mess not the same as a mosquito nibble or an exact moment squeeze.

You probably won’t sense it unless the skin is thin, for example on the delicate skin that lies between the fingertips in an area of the body. The trouble or pain tends to die within a few days, and you usually do not need to stress the disease or contamination, since people with Termite Nibbles do not have any archived cases of this occurrence.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

In order to take measures to remove the termites and restore damage, it is important to be able to detect possible termite damages. Termite damage is often mistaken for water damage, but there are several differences between the two. The damage caused by water produces a cubic- Shaped wood scaling, while the termite damage can be seen throuh long Tunnels Alomg the Grain.

Learn how termites and indications of terminological disruption can be identified by keeping an eye on these markers.


Swarming alates is the greatest opportunity to spot termites. In warm spring and summer days, subterranean and damp wood termites typically swarm. In late summer and in fall, Drywood termites swarm. A simple sign of a termite’s infestation is the visible swarms of termites around your house. Residual evidence of swarms, like termite wings and droppings that look like coffee grounds, are a telltale sign of termite presence.

Buckling Wood

Wood buckles when it’s exposed to excessive moisture, but it also buckles when it’s infested with termites. Wood buckling or blistering can occur anywhere from floorboards and structural beams to crown molding and wood furniture. If you see buckling wood, you may have a termite problem and should investigate further.

What are some of the DIY Termite control method?

There are many highly effective DIY termite control steps that homeowners can take to guard their homes. Here is what you need to know.

1.Inspect Your Foundation Each Season

2. Grab Your Flashlight: get a good flashlight and head down to your crawlspace or basement. Take a close look around for any signs of damage or mud tubes

3. Termites in the Yard? Bait Them Away

4.Keep Wood Piles Away from Your House

5.Trim Trees and Shrubs

6.Dig a Trench and Apply Termiticide

7.Heat Can Also Kill Termites

Do we need to leave the house for pest control?

Pest control services suggest a certain time to stay away from the home once the work is completed. Once the service is completed, they may usually recommend staying out of your house for a time of around 2-4 hours

How often should you treat a house for termites?

Homeowners should have their homes tested for termites regularly, whether you had or are looking to avoid them in the past. Termite treatments mostly last between a couple of years to ten years based on the form of therapy used.

What is the difference between borers and termites?

A professional timber pest inspection will surely help you, but homeowners need to know a bit about these bugs to call a pest professional if they spot something of concern.

Borers: There is a range of borers that attack timber. Borers are insects, and it’s their larval stage, the grub, which causes all the damage.

These beetles may be pests of trees or freshly milled timber. They lay their eggs in the wood and the grubs that hatch stay within the wood, feeding and causing damage until they are ready to pupate and emerge as adults. The infested timber can be used for construction, only for the adults to appear several years after the house has been built.

Termite: Termites are a group of insects that primarily feed on dead plant materials with the ability to digest cellulose. Subterranean termites can seek homes from ground level to the roof’s highest point in search of food. Over time, termite damage can become significant on door frames, kitchen cabinets, staircases, and wooden flooring.

Why should we do a regular pest inspection at home?

Regular inspections of pests will in an early stage diagnose pest problems. That allows you to take appropriate measures to prevent the infestation and causing serious harm before it gets out of control.

Will termite treatments kill ants too?

Yes. The same kind of pesticide used to kill termites can sometimes kill other insects including ants.

Should I treat my home for termites if I don’t have them?

Yes, it’s advisable you do because Prevention is better than elimination but when the pest infestation is present, then the most effective and efficient pest control program must be implemented as soon as possible.

Where do I get termite control treatment in Gold Coast?

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How to protect books from termites?

Exposing to the Sun is still the best Way to get rid of termites Naturally

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