What Do Termites Look Like?

What Do Termites Look Like?” is a Very Common Termite Questions we all hear, Well termites are said to have Originated from Cockroach 250,000,000 years ago, this has made termite to be one of the oldest living insects today. They are insects that lives in huge colonies made up to a quarter to a half million Members. They are very well structured into a rigid social structure that regulates responsibilities and duties.

Most Australia Termite appear in different Colors, it Could be from Clear to white to black. they have Six small, soft legs, and white, beaded wings. There are many social groups of termites and most certainly the Workers and alates are the ones we see most. The Workers who digest wood are the most damaging. They have round heads and no wings, soft bodies. Their eyes are undeveloped, which makes them blind for all practical purposes. The worker Termites color ranges between white and grayish white. Workers are responsible for obtaining food and water from the colony and building tunnels for movement and recycling of waste. Often, they help the warriors protect the colony from attacking ants.

Both the carpenter Ants and termites’ workers will destroy your furniture and your house. Identifying them is necessary for you to get the best assistance and care. private treatment, as a doctor usually understands what an end-care is like. A professional Pest Inspector can help you identify with ease So they can provide immediate and proper Help.

There are Different Types of Termites Look

A Subterranean Termites

Not all know how a subterranean termite looks so it is vital to know precisely how they look, because the Subterranean termite can cause serious damage to your home. Termites have different types of Species which may further confuse you on how termite looks like.

However, the most Common termites in every households are subterranean termites. Typically, they feed on wood and paper and, unknowingly, every termite seems to damage your valuable library or furniture. However, the Subterranean worker termites are your main concern.

A colony of termites may consist of various types: termites’ soldiers, swarmer’s or reproductive and termite’s worker. Not all termites look like a grain of rice, but many do. Soldiers have mandibles, while the Reproductive termites possesses wings. The workers termite looks like a reproductive termite but are smaller and do not have wings. They are the most Numerous eaters of wood in a colony.

Swarmer Ants and Termites

Swarmer termites are normally one of the first signs of a termite infestation in your household. Since swarmer’s are the propagators of termites. some confuse the Swarmer Termites look with the flying ants but it’s very important to know that they are very different.

What Do Termites Look Like

                The body of an ant consists of a head, a slender abdominal and a chest. A termite seems to have only a straight head and body. Flying Termites and Flying ants have the same number of wings: four in terms of appearance. However, Ants have longer front than rear wings and have apparent vein marks while Termites have four wings of equal length that are far longer than the body and do not vain marks.

Ants often have slightly bent antennas and may end in a little club. Termites instead have beaded antennas which do not bend and do not point away from the body like club-like ends.

Where Termites Swarmer’s Stay

Alates are the termites that are also called Swarming termites in the spring. It has wings which swarm to locate mates and to establish new colonies with them. The color of their body varies between yellow and brown. This are the only termites with fully formed eyes and wings that they shed when they touch down and establish their colony on the earth.

If you spot swarmers outside your building, there’s no need for any worry. The winds will just bloom these swarmers. The biggest termite wood eaters are not swarmer’s, either. If you see a few swarmer’s fly from your home, holes, window and woodwork, you should be a little worried. You may be infested with termite.

Caste System

The way that termites look is significantly depends on the genus of which a termite belongs. Termites can have slightly different physical characteristics because they come from different species. However, it also depends on the group a termite in a colony belongs to. In reply to the question of what does termite looks like, well you can answer that by just looking at a termite’s role.

What Do Termites Look Like
FLying Termite, Winged White ant

The swarmers are the most Important role in the termite Colony. The swarmer may be orange, yellow brown, dark brown or grayish brown, depending on the species. Some of the legs may be shorter, and others may be longer. However, one of the distinctive features of a swarmer is that it has four wings which are of the same length and which are longer than the body. These termites have no bending antennas and no Constriction in the abdomen region. The Swarmer’s are responsible for spreading the termite race.

Soldier Termites look different. Soldier termites are huge, with large heads and Crushing jaws like the soldier ants. They Come in different colors. These termites Solider protect the colony from other insects and invaders.

What Do Termites Look Like

The termite worker also looks different from other groups. Workers are certainly Smaller than the solider and Slightly smaller than swarmers. Most of the termites we worry about are translucent and creamy white. In fact, these insects are blind and have no wings, but from the human point of view they may be the most destructive race. The main responsibility for Workers is to consume Woods.

These Termites serve as food collectors, nest builders, larvae careers and feeders in their community as well. They are like swarmers with the exception of the wings so they do not have short waists and antennas that point outward.


It is known that termites are not easy to get rid of. Extensive infestations cannot be handled with gas or ordinary insect spraying efficiently and securely. You may need some expert assistance. Experts can use chemical thermal treatment to prevent termites from penetrating the house structure by applying termicide on wood and other house areas. The baiting method may also be used to distribute chemicals in the colony by wood apples with the transport of chemical substances.

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