What to do before our lethal Gold Coast pest control treatment

Here at Lethal Pest Control we like to to make sure that our customers know what they need to do before treatment. Below are some useful advice to consider before we attend your property.

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and see what our customers want to know before they use our services?

1. You do not need to be home to make an appointment.

Today people lead busy lifestyles. It can be extremely difficult to schedule an appointment when you are required to be at the premises.

2. Call now and make a booking for a Key in service and let us free up some time.

Key in service: Our technician will discuss the service being performed and organise entry or key to the premises. A receipt and report will be left upon completion and we lock up for you when we leave.

3. Vacating a rental property

Tenants are required to organise pest control when they vacate a rental property. Check with your agent and we will offer the right service to you.

4. A few simple preparations for our visit before a pest treatment

• Remove open packaging and food sitting on countertops.

• Clear dishes left on sink or cover.

• Place toothbrushes in a plastic bag & in a drawer.

• Remove clutter e.g. shoes around floor areas.

• Collect washing from the line.

• Pet food and water bowls should be removed.

• Bird / Fish / Reptile enclosures and cages should be well covered.

• Dogs and Cats need to be contained whilst treatment is in progress.

5. We ask our clients to please leave the property just whilst treatment commences.

You may return inside the property once it has dried.

6. Payment for pest service

Preferred payment is cash upon arrival. You will be issued with areceipt and report outlining the services performed.